Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome Back!

Sorry about the change in address. Thanks for joining me. I am always surprised by some of the color choices of some brides. I mean fuschia and tangelo? Really? It looks like someone threw up on the dresses. Not bad in theory, but definitely bad in reality. What color options do you like and what have you seen that are awful?  Tell me what you think...

Here are some color swatches of a company that we work with. Try and visualize fuschia and tanglo in one dress? Good idea for flowers and accents, just not in one dress. The funny thing is, is that everyone is trying to be different with these weird color combinations and then they end up with awful dresses and not really that different from the next bride with some psycho colors. Also, can we do a different color than red please? Wether you call it apple, claret. berry, or new red, it is time for a new staple wedding color. How about green? Just a thought...

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